Somnai, Dotdotdot

Struggling to sleep? What if I told you that you could manifest anything you want during sleep by exploring the concept of lucid dreaming? I, and some of the other Love Popups London team went to find out more at interactive experience Somnai earlier this week. Upon entering the Sleep clinic – an unassuming black… Read More Somnai, Dotdotdot


Livin’ La Villa Loca

What’s with this weather eh? It feels like it’s gearing up for Christmas instead of beautiful Spring sunshine like it should be doing this time of year. It’s always a bit disappointing when the weather doesn’t play ball with your plans and that’s exactly what happened when some of the girls and I headed off… Read More Livin’ La Villa Loca


Rotorino, Dalston

It’s been a while since I’ve been invited to review a restaurant but I was one of the lucky chosen few of the Love Popups London community that was invited along to Italian restaurant Rotorino in Dalston to experience one of their monthly regional dinners. On the last Tuesday of each month the chef at… Read More Rotorino, Dalston


The Year of Less

Hey guys, long time no blog; about a month I think! This post has been in the works since the start of the year but there has been so much uncertainty in my life that I’ve hesitated to finish it. Then last night I had some rather sad news that my application for what I… Read More The Year of Less