Pirates of the Hidden Spirit, The Golden Hinde

Legend has it, decades ago, over $2 million in riches were dumped in an unknown location and hidden at sea! Following the discovery of a cipher stating “The Secret Lies With Elizabeth”, the U.S Government commissioned The Hidden Spirit, which has undergone an epic journey to London to recover the hidden treasure. The commanding Governor has hired Captain Jack Cassidy to find a new crew to safely bring… Read More Pirates of the Hidden Spirit, The Golden Hinde


Somnai, Dotdotdot

Struggling to sleep? What if I told you that you could manifest anything you want during sleep by exploring the concept of lucid dreaming? I, and some of the other Love Popups London team went to find out more at interactive experience Somnai earlier this week. Upon entering the Sleep clinic – an unassuming black… Read More Somnai, Dotdotdot


Heroines, Theatre N16

*Disclaimer: I attended this show for free in exchange for blogging about it. The below opinions are still my own and not influenced by this in any way. What happens when you pluck six women out of Shakespeare’s plays, jazz them up a bit and throw ‘em in a room together? Instead of Lady Macbeth,… Read More Heroines, Theatre N16