Dear Diary

Dear Diary: 2013 Reflections




2013 started with a bang. Spent New Year in Ipswich with Matt and Jemma and discovered that the past year of my life had been nothing but blissful ignorance rather than the emotional rollercoaster I thought it had. Got home and solidified my plan to move to London. Set a date for the end of April. Planned to spend as much time with my friends as possible before then, Karen and I hit up a 50s night in our best glad rags. Had a body fat analysis done and discovered my body fat percentage was a whopping 39.8%!




Agreed with the mortgage company that I could rent out my flat when I moved to London. Went to see Much Ado About Nothing by Joss Whedon at the Glasgow film festival, wandered around Glasgow with Rebecca cosplaying as companions, randomly made a friend via Twitter who was on not only the same bus TO Glasgow but on the same train home again the next morning. My second Great-Nephew Leon was born. Developed a seriously deep girl crush on Jennifer Lawrence that remains until this very day.




Tried and failed to get my boiler replaced so I could get the flat let. Went to register for my course in London only to discover that it was fully booked, handed in my notice at work anyway. Booked flights for my trip to Dragon*con/Toronto with Matt later in the year. Had some of my convention boys come visit me in Aberdeen, Scotland put on a really great show with the weather. (Sideways snow anyone?) Made slutty brownies. Attended my cousin’s wedding near Glasgow and wondered if I’d ever get my own happy ever after.




Had some lovely friends offer me a place to stay while looking for somewhere more long-term in London. Took my niece on a mini-cruise to Amsterdam where she climbed her first tree. Started this blog. Met up with many friends old and new to say goodbye. Thought perhaps it could be possible to be best friends with an ex. (Frexes!) Saw Wicked for the second time. Saw Mark Haddon discuss his new book at the Apple Store. Attended the Into Darkness premiere in Leicester Square. Fell even more head over heels in love with London.




Attended Inva3ion and had a blast as usual. Half-heartedly started to job hunt. Spent my birthday having afternoon tea in Ipswich after we missed our train in to London. Went home to Aberdeen for 10 days in an attempt to sort out my flat, failed. My aunt died and I had to miss the funeral having been told that under no uncertain terms was I allowed to change any of my plans for moving. Got the keys to my temporary apartment in Canning Town.




Joined Instagram. Explored my new city while wearing lots of dresses and eating lots of cake. Went to the Den of Geek preview screening of Much Ado About Nothing and had a secret Q&A with Joss, Amy and Alexis! Saw the premiere of my friend Rob’s first acting gig as an extra. Stalked Joss Whedon a bit more and finally got to meet him at his Life in Pictures BAFTA event. Interviewed for a job I didn’t even apply for, got job. Drank too many margaritas with an ex. Attended West End Live expanding on the list of musicals I want to see. Ate Nitrogen ice-cream. Attended #LondonBookClub and reignited my love for reading.




Went on a cupcake tour of London which is just as much fun as it sounds. Started my new job. Went to the Doctor Who Proms. Five Guys opened its first store in London and was seriously underwhelming. Won tickets to the Wolverine premiere and took Matt’s mum. Attended London Film & Comic Con where I got to meet the gorgeous Norman Reedus. Worried about not making friends more quickly. Visited Pleasurewood Hills in Lowestoft. Saw Seawall at The Shed and got to meet Andrew Scott afterwards. Ate a LOT more cake.




Went to LegoLand on the sunniest day of the year, acted like a kid and got totally soaking wet! Revisited Cardiff and finally went to the Doctor Who Experience as well as getting to tour the actual TARDIS set. Ran away from zombies and survived the apocalypse unscathed. Made it to the top of Snowdon (but not on foot 🙁 ) Endured the torture that is flat hunting in London, found somewhere the day before going on holiday to America. Decided to stop eating so much cake.




Hoped for a fairytale and instead watched history repeat itself. Explored Toronto and was awestruck by Niagara Falls. Thought I’d twisted my ankle which made moving into my new flat (and navigating pretty much anywhere) next to impossible. Joss Whedon crashed the party at Serenity Forever. Diagnosed with Cellulitis in my foot & prescribed antibiotics which didn’t make it any better. Made an effort to socialise with people at work. Had problems getting my deposit back. Felt incredible low for the majority of the month.




Helped Matt out when he was a cosplay star at Winter LFCC, interesting to see things from the other side of the table. Finally enrolled in the course I had planned to start back in April starting January 2014. Got more antibiotics for my foot which still didn’t help. Flew home for the weekend and ended up in hospital. Cellulitis diagnosis changed to Erythema nodosum. Helped move our company into a new office. Threw two new cosplays together in a matter of minutes. Survived #UKStorm. Carved a pumpkin and baked pumpkin loaf.



Saw a lot of fireworks. Watched The Lord Mayors Parade. Visited some museums and took an impromptu trip to Straford-Upon-Avon to see David Tennant in Richard II. Scored a bargain of a hotel stay in Milton Keynes. Reminisced about the good old days. Started to worry about my cash flow. Finally visited the forbidden fruit that was Birmingham Comic Con! Had a catchup with an ex. Started tutting at people getting in my way at tube stations, knew my foot was finally healing. Still felt pretty shitty about life.



Enjoyed London looking so beautifully festive. Escaped to the countryside with a Groupon deal, my onesie and my best frex. Had a horribly rotten illness. Attended my work Christmas lunch before popping to Ipswich for Jemma’s 30th birthday party. Was spoilt rotten by Matts parents for Christmas. Resigned myself to that fact that I’ll never get my happy ever after. Had a Christmas meal with my flatmates. Got lots of brilliant ideas from the Christmas Fair at the O2 that just came way too late for this year. Saw It’s a Wonderful Life for the first time. Took my niece to the panto on Christmas Eve. Had a huge family christmas and a week that went by way too quickly. Woke up New Year’s Eve with a rotten cold. Saw Matt Smith in American Psycho who wished us all a Happy New Year.

3 thoughts on “Dear Diary: 2013 Reflections

  1. ‘Resigned myself to that fact that I’ll never get my happy ever after.’ – I refuse to believe this. You can’t be near 30 yet so there’s still loads of time. 2014 – a time to think positive and move forwards, not look back on what didn’t work out.

  2. What a wonderful year you’ve had! The best bit being that very top picture though eh?! 😀

    It goes without saying that I agree with Bunny, you’ve got to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince! Your happy ever after will happen when you least expect it, don’t write it off so soon! x

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