Dear Diary

Dear Diary: 30 by 30 – Finito

So LOL here we are I’m officially 30 and double LOL I haven’t achieved anything since my last update. This is mainly due to the fact that I’ve been pretty poorly since Easter weekend and I don’t seem to be getting any better – welcome to life with a chronic illness – but as I also said in my last update I’m not feeling too disheartened by this as I have managed to complete over half of what was on my list when I wrote the list two years ago. Here’s the final tally:

  1. Be happy with my body
  2. Find a skin, hair & make up routine that works for me
  3. Get out of (and stay out of!) debt
  4. Visit 3 countries in EuropeFrance, Oslo, Czech Republic, Germany, Netherlands
  5. Read 50 books
  6. Create memory books with my mementos
  7. Learn how to use my camera
  8. Visit every street on the Monopoly board
  9. Climb to the top of Snowdon (finally!)
  10. Make some money from my blog
  11. Go to a casino
  12. Plan/host a get together for convention friends
  13. Declutter my belongings
  14. Eat at a Michelin star restaurant
  15. Write/finish writing a book
  16. Party all night without stopping for sleep
  17. Go paintballing
  18. Be more creative
  19. Go back to dance classes
  20. Get some proper cosplay photos
  21. Contribute to a kickstarter
  22. Visit a psychic/fortune teller
  23. Learn basic Italian
  24. Change my career path
  25. Experience a sunrise/sunset in the same day
  26. Start Vlogging
  27. Try dating
  28. Unplug for a weekend
  29. Spend the day at a spa
  30. Write a will/plan for my death

Completed: 16/30

I’m still working towards being happier with my body (although being sick makes this extra hard), steadily working my way out of debt and of course completing that first ever book. Also being made redundant is making the career path change more and more likely every day and as for the rest of the goals? Well they’re all pretty superficial and unimportant for happiness aren’t they? I don’t plan on starting another list. No 40 before I’m 40 or 101 things but I do have something pretty exciting in mind for what direction I want my internet presence to go in so that’s something I’m working on behind the scenes and of course you guys will be the first to know when that’s ready!

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