Dear Diary

Dear Diary: 30 by 30: An Update

Another three months have flown by so it’s time for another update to my 30 by 30 project:

4. Visit 3 countries in Europe

So I have two out of these three covered for next year already! In February I’ll be spending a few days in Oslo with my friend Tony (and hopefully a few others too). Then in June Matt and I have tickets to see Taylor Swift play in Amsterdam so we’re making a weekend of it there too. Can you say EXCITED!!

5. Read 50 books

Up to 13 books having only read an additional three since my last update but I have so many books in my to read pile it’s more a case of finding time than anything else.

16. Party all night without stopping for sleep

I’m marking this one as a pass after not going to bed until 7am Sunday morning of Vampire Ball lol

18. Be more creative

I’m really enjoying my first go at prop making and hoping it gets me back in to doing other crafty things. The main issue with this one is space!

20. Get some proper cosplay photos

Was lucky enough to have some pretty amazing shots taken at my last two events of 2014 and I even set up a cosplay page to show them off.

26. Start Vlogging

Check. I’ve posted two so far and I have another couple in the works. Subscribe to my channel here.

29. Spend the day at a spa

Not only did I enjoy my time at the K West Spa but I recently got a bargain of a deal on for a spa day for just £18 that I intend to use to relax a bit before Christmas.

I’ve also been looking into starting dance classes in the New Year to help my body positivity, I know that I need to eat better and tone up but day-to-day life is just exhausting enough as it is right now. I’d mentioned to my friend Tony about visiting all the streets on the monopoly board as well and he seemed keen on doing that too so hopefully we can arrange that for in the new year too.

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