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Dear Diary: 30 by 30: An Update

I interrupt this week of Afternoon tea posts to update you on my 30 by 30 list progress. On one hand it feels like my birthday was aaaaaages ago but on another it’s quite strange to thing that I’m only 9 months away from turning 30!

1. Be happy with my body

Someone offered me a seat on the tube the other day thinking that I was pregnant… as you can probably tell I wasn’t too chuffed about it but it did put a few things into perspective. More on this soon!

4. Visit 3 countries in Europe

I went to Prague in the Czech Republic followed by Dresden in Germany at the start of June then Amsterdam just a couple of weeks later so I think we can safely say that this one is well and truly completed!

5. Read 50 books

Up to 32 and I’ve listened to another already so far this month. I think with my new found love of audible this is well and truly achievable. I also think I’ve found my new favourite book in Ready Player One!

9. Declutter my belongings

I’m potentially moving at the end of September and I’m genuinely astounded by the amount of stuff I seem to have accumulated – really need to work on this one.

14. Go back to dance classes

I finally found a class that is at a practical time (no hours of hanging around in central) and the instructor is fab! I did a Dance Diva taster class first (which you can read about here) and am now half way through a six week Street Dance course – I just wish it wasn’t so expensive.

16. Contribute to a kickstarter

I couldn’t resist the lure of the campaign to bring the Crystal Maze to London and I’m really hoping that it opens before I turn 30 so I can go and blog all about it!

23. Unplug for a weekend

I completed this one just this past weekend, it was my friend Jen’s 30th and a group of us headed out to Dunston Hall Spa in Norfolk for the weekend. Apart from using my phone as satnav on our way there I pretty much had my phone switched to airplane mode for the entire weekend. Bliss!

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