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Dear Diary: 30 by 30 – An Update

How can it have been three months since I started my 30 by 30 challenge? Here’s a little update with how I’ve been getting on:

5. Read 50 books

So far since starting the challenge I’ve read 10 books and have a whole bunch of others already lined up so I should have no problems in completing this one in time.

6. Create memory books with my mementos

When I was home I sorted through a lot of my things and have collated everything in one huge memory box, hopefully when I’m home at Christmas I can start putting pages together to make this a reality.

7. Learn how to use my camera

My friend Grant showed me the basics of settings of my camera this past weekend so now it’s just a case of practice (and remembering what he taught me lol)

12. Plan/host a get together for convention friends

I pitched the idea of a bunch of us hiring an apartment in Paris over New Year and while the response was fairly positive nobody wanted to/could commit so this may be trickier than I had hoped.

13. Declutter my belongings

Cait over on Blonde on a Budget recently did a whole series of posts where she systematically went through her apartment and decluttered her belongings down a whopping 42% definitely food for thought and something I’m considering doing myself.

14. Eat at a Michelin star restaurant

One of the first goals I completed, read all about it here.

21. Contribute to a kickstarter

Not a kickstarter but I did contribute to a GoFundMe campaign after an act of kindness left me with a bit of extra money. I’d really like to find an awesome London themed kickstarter so let me know if you know of any!

27. Try dating

Ahahahaha so I actually signed up to Plenty of Fish a while ago and I’ve mostly been browsing/lurking but this past week I got chatting to one guy and he’s asked me out for a drink. So yeah, watch this space. (Not you mum)

Not too bad a start really and with one year, eight months and four weeks today that seems like plenty of time.

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