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Dear Diary: December Roundup

It’s a new year and I have loads of awesome plans for it but first up I need to let you all know what I got up to in the last month of 2015! As you would expect with it being the festive season December was a pretty busy month for me.

Pretty at the Tower of London Christmas Party

We had our work Christmas party at the beginning of the month which was being held at the Tower of London so I decided to treat myself to a blow dry from the newly opened Bardou Blow Dry Bar in Covent Garden. The evening was really fun with the wine flowing freely and I was one of the last to leave with the staff practically pushing us out of the door. My only complaint was the fact that none of the marquee was transparent so really we could have been anywhere not just right next to one of the most iconic buildings in London.

Lanes of London Festive Afternoon Tea Sweets

The first Saturday of the month was incredibly busy as Jen and I had not only out last afternoon tea of the year at Lanes of London but also checked out Shrek’s Adventure on the Southbank. I got the tickets via Sun+ and only paid postage so they were fantastic value but I don’t think the attraction is worth anywhere near the full price. I did meet Shrek though so there’s that…

So @jenl85 and I met Shrek today, bet you’re well jel! #shreksadventure

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Afterwards I headed to one of my favourite hotels in London for the #RHGDiscoverWine event which was fantastic, you can read all about that here.

I’d attempted to get a bunch of my fave bloggers together for a pre-Christmas brunch but due to various problems most people ended up bailing so Milly and I headed to try Dishoom together. Dishoom is notorious for being busy and not taking bookings and being really busy but luckily we were able to get a table almost straight away.

Dishoom Shoreditch Dessert Memsahibs Mess

I was also invited along to check out the new Costa Fresco store on Tottenham Court Road. Now as someone who doesn’t hide the fact that she can’t stand coffee you may be wondering why on earth I decided to go? Well, the concept behind the new store is bringing the focus back on food so that it’s seen as more of a cafe or a restaurant than just somewhere to grab a takeaway coffee. We basically got to try the entire menu as well as being given HUGE boxes filled with things to take away with us. I was a tiny bit late for work but my colleagues soon forgave me when they saw the delights that I had for them. My favourite things were definitely the ciabatta swirls and the pastel de nata which were both to die for!

I took the lovely Emma as my plus one to the Google Block party in Shoreditch. To be honest I didn’t think much of the event and it was a bit crowded but it was good to bump into Haydy and her boyfriend there too. You should check out Emma’s vlog from that night too.

Trapped in a room with a zombie team

I bought myself a Groupon to treat myself to a massage in the new year and realised that I still had a deal for Trapped in a Room with a Zombie that was due to expire soon. I’d bought it thinking that I was paying for a team when actually it was for an individual but the regular price of £30 per person seemed a bit too much for me to ask someone else to pay. Instead I booked myself in to a room that already had a large number of people and spent an evening being locked in a room with a bunch of strangers and a person acting as a zombie… you can find out how that went here.

Then it was time for me to head to Brussels on the EuroStar with my friend Rob to see the Christmas Markets – we had a lot of fun and I’ll be blogging about out trip over on Eat Love Wanderlust next week!

My last few evenings in London were CRAZY! I went to see the adult pantomime Dick! at the Leicester Square Theatre which my dance instructor had a part in. It was really funny and really rude, I’d definitely recommend it if you have a dirty sense of humour!

The night before I flew home I headed to Winter Wonderland to exchange secret santa gifts with some other London bloggers. It took us a while to find each other but it was really nice and I was pleased with the Cecelia Ahern book I was given!

First Christmas prezzie opened #LDNsecretsanta

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I was at home for a total of 10 nights which was really nice as my last few visits have been flying ones. I got to have Christmas lunch with my work colleagues, catch up with friends, spend time with family (one of my uncles is currently in hospital fighting the bastard that is cancer) and also indulge in our yearly tradition of a visit to the pantomime which this year was Peter Pan.

I took things a bit slower once I was back and only ventured out one evening to see Joy at the cinema for the first time in aaaaages – anything with JLaw is a winner in my eyes and this is definitely another women are just as good as men movie.

New Year was spent playing the London Underground version of Monopoly with Jen and her flatemate which I won so completely I wasn’t sure we’d still be friends by the time midnight rolled around! We popped the bottle of champagne I’d been given by the Royal Horseguards Hotel and toasted the New Year to some fantastic views of the city. Even better I was able to get the tube home for free and was tightly snuggled up in bed by 2am.

A fabulous ending to a most excellent year! Did you have a quiet New Year like I did or get up to something more adventurous? What else did you get up to in December?

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