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Favourites – August 2016

Travel features heavily in my favourites post this month given that I spent 10 days in the US at the start of August. It ended up being WAY more expensive than I’d hoped but was totally worth it. Travel is definitely the one thing you can but that makes you richer!

Grand Canyon

I was so completely awestruck by Niagara Falls that I didn’t think anything could rival it but seeing the Grand Canyon in person completely blew me away. I’m even considering a return so that I can hike some of it and I am NOT the outdoorsy type at all!


Las Vegas

I spent a week in Las Vegas and while I completely admit that it’s probably not my kind of place, nor is it probably suited to solo travellers it was fun to explore and check out the insane hotels.


Star Trek

The whole reason I was in Vegas was to attend Creation events 50th anniversary Star Trek convention – discovering Trek was such a turning point in my life it’s strange to think just how different my life would be if I hadn’t so attending this event ten years later (almost to the day!) was pretty special for me.

Los Angeles

After Vegas a couple of my friends kindly drove me to LA where I spent a couple of days staying with my friend Heather. I positively fell in LOVE with LA even though I was only there for a short time and I really want to get back there soon!


Ravenclaw Jumper

Obviously I went to Universal Studios Hollywood so that I could visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter while I was in LA and I decided to treat myself to this gorgeous Ravenclaw jumper from the gift shop. It’s one of the most expensive items of clothing that I own but it’s super soft and I’ll wear it all the time so it’s practical too.



Upon my return to the UK some of the Bangarang girls and I hit up FriendsFest and got to actually visit Monica’s apartment. Tickets were a little overpriced in my opinion and there was quite a bit of queuing but it was fun to hang out with the girls and catchup.


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