Dear Diary

Dear Diary: Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It’s off to work I go

As much as I have enjoyed being “funemployed” as my fellow blogger Cait called it I am so excited to let you all know that I will be starting a new job in London as of Monday! I’ve been incredibly lucky in not only getting a job down here but also getting one without even applying for anything!

What’s that you say? How does someone get a job without applying? Well by being incredibly lucky for one thing and having a profile on LinkedIn for another. I love social media as you know especially Twitter but I’ve never really given a huge amount of thought to my LinkedIn profile it’s just there. Of course as soon as I was looking for something down South I updated my profile with all the relevant new information from my CV but I didn’t really put a lot more thought in to it than that. It was after doing so though that I was contacted by the Head of IS at an oil company interested in reviewing my CV, not only that but I had a second enquiry from an IT outsource company who I worked for previously advising that they may have an upcoming opportunity in the city.

I got back in touch with both of them and waited not expecting very much. The outsource company wanted to set up a meeting with me when I was back in Aberdeen at the end of May about a position in Uxbridge but after asking for a suitable date and time I never heard back from them. Uxbridge is about a 90 minute commute each way from where I’m living at the moment so it wasn’t ideal anyway.

I was actually staying with a friend in Ipswich until my room was available for me to move in to when I finally received a reply from the IS Head I had sent my CV to. A first interview was set up my first proper week in London and despite some video-conference issues (several team members were connecting in from Aberdeen) it went really well. They said they’d have a discussion and get back to me early the following week. The waiting was the worst part but they asked me back for a second interview so I was very positive. It took a while to get it arranged due to staff members being on holiday but after the second interview I was sent through an offer of employment which I have since signed and sent back!

It’s an IT Helpdesk Analyst so everything I’ve done in my previous jobs and a little bit more with lots of room to learn. I’m basically going to be responsible for the IT in the two London offices they have at the moment (to be combined into one later on this year) and the best part is they’re going to be sending me home for up to a week in order to get trained up on some of the IT systems. I’m excited but also nervous, wish me luck!!

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