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Dear Diary: What I read in July 2014

So I finished Allegiant and I totally understand now why the change in narrative. Without wanting to spoil anything I thought that it was such an awesome and powerful way to end the trilogy and I look forward to seeing how they handle that ending in the movie. I really wanted to move right on to Four: A Divergent Collection that Veronica has just released recently but instead I’m biding my time so I can savour the universe that little bit longer.

I had also wanted to make a start on The Casual Vacancy by JK Rowling so that I could take the big, heavy hardback home while I was here on holiday but I kept forgetting to take it with me and so instead started on another Kindle purchase: Do You Remember the First Time? by Jenny Colgan.

Really wasn’t much of a fan of this. The plot started off quite interesting but I didn’t like the spin that she gave it and the whole thing felt kind of pointless by the end of it. A very unsatisfying read for me. That was it… just two books under my belt this month but I haven’t read a single thing since being home and I’ve pretty much been here for two full weeks so that’s kind of shocking.

I plan to ramp it up this month though starting with a Harry Potter re-read. I’ve packed the first two novels along with some others that I’ve never got round to reading to take back to London with me and I’m interested to see what this months #LondonBookClub choice is also. I’m also really excited about fellow book club attendee (and namesake!) Leanne Leveaux’s new site  which will feature a whole host of book content including reviews, articles, competitions, information surrounding The Book Club, as well as the launch of the online book club definitely something to keep an eye on!


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