Dear Diary

Dear Diary: What I read in June 2014

I finished reading Take Back the Skies and wow bloody wow! I found myself so completely sucked in by Lucy’s steampunk world in a way I haven’t recently. It was a wonderful, heart-breaking read. Luckily there are other books in the series planned albeit set in different countries in the fictional world other than Anglya and I greatly look forward to them being written as Lucy’s writing talent begins to grow.

With the movie due out (although it’s no longer getting a cinema release in the UK :() I decided to re-read the first Vampire Academy novel, something I don’t think I’ve done since moving to London. It’s not a fabulous piece of literature but I do adore it and it definitely helped to remind me of the plot before I watched the film.

As you probably know Maya Angelou died recently so #LondonBookClub chose to tackle her first autobiography I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings as our June book. I confess I knew absolutely nothing about the woman before her death and I was intrigued to read this. It was difficult going, her life was definitely not plain sailing which made it was a hard slog for me to get through it all. It’s one of those books that you can’t say you enjoyed but you’re glad you read.

I devoured Insurgent in just one day yesterday as I was off work ill. I knew after reading Divergent that I would love it but I didn’t expect to get through it quite so quickly!It’s just as good as Divergent if not more so because the foundations have already been laid and I’m really looking forward to the movie but sadly have quite a wait as it’s not out til 2015!

I’m now on to Allegiant but I’m struggling with it as it flips between Tris and Four’s narrative which didn’t happen in the first two books. I think I’m so used to hearing Tris’ voice in my head that it’s difficult to switch between them. It would be interesting to know why she chose to structure the last book in this way and not the others…


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