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Dear Diary: June Roundup

June, June, June. What a month. It feels like one that has lasted an age but I made it through in one piece!

I started the month getting an all-important smear test and also managing to see the gastroenterology specialist on quite short notice who confirmed that I was likely flaring, got me on a course of steroids and booked in for a colonoscopy the following week to see what was what. Good news is that while I am in a flare the damage is still contained in the same area as before.

After enjoying them so much when they supported Busted I went to see Wheatus at the Brooklyn Bowl at the O2. It’s a really cool little venue which I’ll be keeping my eye on in future not least because it’s so close to my flat! I fell a little bit in love with the ladies loos there too.

My weeknight evenings were pretty quiet for the first part of the month but I did fly home to surprise my niece for the weekend and to also celebrate my great-nephews 5th birthday – it’s scary how quickly they’re all growing up! We had a delicious meal at Frankie & Benny’s by the beach before letting the kids run loose on all the carnival rides. Despite the weather not being the best it was a great weekend but as usual over too fast.

Little monkeys at Codonas Aberdeen

Finally after MONTHS of saying I would do it I treated myself to a massage at a place called Beauty Dream in Poplar thanks to an incredible Wowcher deal.  For £18 I received a 30 minute facial and an hour long massage. The massage wasn’t quite deep enough for my liking but the experience as a whole was very relaxing and I really didn’t want to have to leave to get home afterwards.

Picnic With Mercure Hamper 1

I spent a lovely Friday evening in the middle of the week with some other gorgeous bloggers at the #PicnicWithMercure event then left them to it so I could see the ethereal Depart at Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park. Two social engagements in one evening probably wasn’t the best plan after being ill for so long but it was totally worth it.

The next day saw me finally get my haircut, attend the Bloggers Ball which I’ve already blogged about here and have the chance to catch up with my friends Stephen and Vanessa over some delicious fish and chips at Kerbisher and Malt in Hammersmith which was so freaking instagram pretty – promise to blog about this soon.

Kerbisher and Malt

The lovely Little Miss Katy invited me as her plus one to attend an event at Selfridges in collaboration with The Botanist gin – more of this in my June favourites post next week.

Unfortunately after leaving Katy for the evening I had a phone call about a family emergency which meant I had to drop everything to fly home the following morning. I had the call at 10pm, had booked my flight by midnight and was at the airport by 8am ready for my 9:30am flight. It was slightly delayed due to the absolutely insane storm that had hit London over night but made it home by lunchtime – I’m nothing if I’m not practical!

It took a few days but everything is now sorted out once again and despite being itching to get back to my life in London the only suitable flights were all fully booked (I blame Wimbledon and the fact that yesterday was the last day of term for schools in Scotland) which meant I was “stuck” in Aberdeen until I could catch the train down today.

This wasn’t all bad for me as it’s been a while since I’ve spent any decent amount of time in Aberdeen so I took the opportunity to catch up with my lovely friend Andi who I haven’t seen since January and hear all about his beautiful wedding and complain about all the adulting I’ve had to do recently! We went to a little place called Foodstory which I loved! It’s a cafe-cum-community space which serves good (mostly) vegetarian food and wonderful (I’ve been told) coffee. I had a white hot chocolate which was absolutely delicious and felt really at home – it’s got a bit of an East London vibe to it, just wish it had been open when I used to live in the Deen! We sat there for about three and a half hours with only one hot drink each and we were never made to feel unwelcome or like we were taking up valuable space. I’ll definitely be back on return trips home!

I also took the opportunity to pop in to my flat up North to see what state it’s in as my tenants are moving out next month. I was really happy to see that there is very little change from when they moved in 2 years ago so now I just need to cross my fingers that I can find new tenants as the market up there is pants! If I can’t get it rented out in the next month or so then I need to start thinking about moving back which I’m not quite ready to do. Here’s hoping for a slightly more balanced July!

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