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Dear Diary: Literary Speed Dating with OriginalDating

*Disclaimer: myself and a friend attended this event
for free in exchange for blogging about the event.
The below opinions are still my own and not influenced by this in any way.

This time last week I was struggling to take a sip of my glass of rose wine while sitting in a weird Scandinavian bar playing old school music waiting to start speed dating for the first time ever. You will all know that “Try Dating” is on my 30 by 30 list so when OriginalDating were looking for bloggers to try some of their events I signed myself up and dragged my friend Jen along for the ride.

I’d never been speed dating before (obviously, having never dated) and she’d only done it once before but never in London. After a synchronisation of diaries and a rescheduling from our original date we fond ourselves attending the first ever literary speed dating event – at least we knew that everyone there that night could read!

The age range for this particular event was from 25 to 40 although this varies depending on the event with some being for over 30’s and others catering for a younger crowd. To be honest I was just there to have fun and meet some new people which is exactly what I ended up doing.

There were an equal number of men and women in attendance so we had 14 dates in total to go through in one evening! *Phew* luckily the “dates” were only four minutes long each but it was still a pretty long evening! Four minutes was probably just about right; long enough that you could get a feel for what the person was like but not too long that if they were boring you were struggling for things to say.


I’m not going to go into my thoughts on the individual dates for obvious reasons but one of the biggest perks of speed dating with OriginalDating is that they have their own app, Mixeo. You’re given a number (mine was 69, whoever thought THAT would be a hilarious ice breaker was absolutely right – only one guy didn’t snigger at it the whole night!) which you could then search for in the app and record your opinion.

You can select someone as a yes, friend or a no. If you both select yes you’re a match, if one of you selects match and the other friend or you both pick friend you’re a friend match and in both scenarios can message each other using the app. On the other hand if either of you chooses no you’re removed from the list and cannot contact each other at all.

I really loved this as I’m one of those perpetual worriers about giving out my contact details. Seriously, I have friends I’ve known for years who don’t have my mobile number and whom with I communicate using social media only!

In the end I selected three guys I was interested in seeing again and spent the whole of the following day waiting impatiently for the results to come out at about 5pm. One of the guys I selected was a friend match, another didn’t want to see me again but wanted to be friends with Jen (boohoo) and the third still to this day hasn’t made his choice which is a shame as he was my favourite of the three!

Jen didn’t match with anyone either (at least not that she’s told me, maybe she’s sneaking off dating numero three behind my back 😉 ) so it wasn’t a particularly successful evening for us from a love perspective but it was a lot more fun than I thought it would be.

Now that I’ve had fourteen dates in one evening I can give this dating malarkey a rest for the rest of the year right?

UPDATE: The excellent guys at OriginalDating are offering readers of Broke in the Big Smoke a 20% discount off any of their events so long as they’re booked online by April 10th. Simply use the code: BROKE at checkout. I’m also running a giveaway of two tickets to their Spring Fling Party over on my Facebook Page so be sure to pop on over and enter!

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