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Dear Diary: #LondonBookClub and what I read in June 2013

As a child and teenager I was an avid reader. Even in my early twenties I made the time to devour at least a novel a month but somehow over the last two or three years I just stopped. I’m not sure exactly when or why but two hours reading would equate to around three episodes of whatever TV show I was chain-watching at the time and I found that more appealing than picking up a book. When I first decided to move to London I of course hit up twitter for people with similar interests and came across #LondonBookClub:

It started as a couple of friends sharing book recommendations, and then a pondering on Twitter about whether a book club might not be a bit of retro fun. And we all know what they say about little acorns, and all that jazz.

Now, we meet once a month, in a pub, and eventually get round to discussing the book we’ve read, bookended (if you’ll pardon the pun) with plenty of wine. It’s very friendly and there’s no such thing as an unwelcome contribution. Why not drop us a line and come along next month?

So that’s exactly what I did and this month I attended my first meeting. Our book of choice? The Universe versus Alex Woods.

Given that it had been so long since I’d read a book from start to finish I started this as soon as I downloaded it to my Nexus 7 and was pulled in by the first chapter. It’s one of those books that starts at the end if you know what I mean which I don’t usually like but I was intrigued as to how we were going to get to that point and wanted to keep reading. It took me longer than I would have liked to finish it but finish it I did. I loved it! It was sweet yet sad and beautifully written from our protagonists view; innocent teenager Alex Woods.

Not everyone at book club agreed with my analysis of the book with one or two finding it unbelievable or infantile. But that’s the great thing about a book club, you get to see the book from other points of view and a see the story you have read in a different way (and of course indulge in a glass or two of wine!).

After finishing Universe I picked up a copy of Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks. Having seen (and loved) the movie which I’m hoping to finish this weekend so that I can make a start on the clubs book of choice for July:

If you’re interested in popping along to #LondonBookClub drop an e-mail to to be added to the mailing list! Oh and be sure to let me know that you’re going so I can say hi!

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