Dear Diary

Dear Diary: Not pregnant, just fat

I’m baaaaack! Did you miss me? Hopefully you’ve already read the posts from my two lovely guest posters but if not you can check out Lauren’s and Erin’s posts here. After two weeks away I am super pumped to be back in London and ready to kick blogging butt! I have so many plans for this little piece of cyberspace as well as in my personal life so let’s just get on with it shall we?

Last month I made brief mention of the fact that I was offered a seat on the tube home by a woman who thought I was pregnant and I was mortified. To set the scene it was after RideLondon, I was wearing leggings and a workout top and had just enjoyed a delicious brunch at Caravan (link). Due to my IBD I bloat quite a lot anyway but this was the first time a stranger has ever commented on it, as well-intentioned as it was. In fact I was so embarrassed that I got off the tube at the next stop and got the next train rather than stay put. I then had a similar incident a couple of weeks later on a bus and the proximity of the two occurrences made me stop and think.

I started to panic that I was pregnant, despite the fact that due to lack of intercourse it would mean that I was already a minimum of 6 months pregnant, going so far as to work out my approximate due date and figure out if I could have the baby without my family ever knowing – thanks overactive imagination! (And sorry mum.) A couple of pregnancy tests confirmed what I already knew to be true; I wasn’t pregnant. Just fat.

The strange thing is until that point I actually thought I looked pretty good in the mirror – first thing in the morning before I’ve eaten anything and the IBD bloat takes over – but in retrospect I think I used my condition as an excuse when I wasn’t 100% confident about my body. Being on holiday magnified this as I was wearing less clothing and everything I wore just didn’t feel like it fit right. So it’s time to make some changes and start making that 30 by 30 list item to be happy with my body a priority.


I weighed myself on Monday at Boots which confirmed what I feared – I am currently the heaviest I have ever been and not only that my BMI is now considered obese rather than just overweight. I’m trying to not make too many rules for myself to begin with but I’m back tracking at MyFitnessPal (add me!) and wearing my VivoFit constantly gives me a good idea of how many calories I’m burning on a daily basis so those seem like a good place to start. After all, Calories in < Calories out = weight loss.

Other things on my list are to drink water (I’m not setting an exact amount but I know I need to drink some water every day), not drinking alcohol (unless it’s at an event and free because who turns down free drink?) and eating out way less (I’m aiming for no more than twice a week at the moment).

Of course I also need to get some exercise in there but now that my dance classes are finished I’m at a bit of a loss to be honest. There’s a one-off Shake it Off class coming up that I’ve signed up to but I can’t really afford dance classes in London at the moment after my holiday (massive financial overhaul coming shortly) so I’m considering taking up running again. I loathe running but there’s no denying it burns calories quickly! Anyway, expect updates every couple of weeks on my progress – I’m looking to lose 8lbs in the next 6 weeks and hopefully a total of a stone by the end of the year then I’ll re-evaluate my goals in the New Year!

Are any of you currently trying to eat healthier and lose weight? I’d love to create a little support network to keep each other motivated.

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    1. Thanks for the comment Charlotte! I’ve heard great things about Slimming World but not sure if it’d be great for me as I need to try and eat low fibre, Good luck x

    1. Really?! That’s shocking. If you haven’t announced it why on earth would anyone comment? And very true, never really thought of it from the other side. I’m still in a stage of my life where pregnancy = bad! x

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