Dear Diary

Dear Diary: One Year On

With my blog-iversary just over a year ago it stands to reason that my one year anniversary of moving to London was coming up next. So what’s happened since my last update?

Saw Taylor Swift in concert with my best frex

Watched Tom Hiddleston on stage in Coriolanus while Benedict Cumberbatch sat ten seats away!

Had my family visit me for the first time and showed them my city

Attended my first few blogger events!

Met a personal finance hero

Finished my events management course

Wrote and entered a short story into a competition

Ironically I’m celebrating this particular anniversary at home after being asked to work from our Aberdeen office for a couple of weeks. The timing of it couldn’t have been better though as I flew in last night and surprised my niece for her birthday. I’m pretty sure I got a better reaction from her than the iPad mini she got from my aunt did! We’ve also had horrendous trouble with the company who we got in to finally swap out the boiler. It was supposed to be a one day job but when my were finally told it was finished (two weeks later) and my mum went to have a look they had left the place in a right state.

Anyway I’m home for a fortnight, back in London for 48 hours and then up to Aberdeen again for another few days holiday to celebrate my birthday before heading to Milton Keynes the weekend after that for an event. It’s going to be a pretty busy couple of weeks!

Within the last few months I’ve finally depleted my savings and as such am currently in a tiny bit of debt. I’m really focused on sorting my finances and paying that off at the moment because of this so I’m hoping to get a few personal finance posts written about steps I’m taking to help any one else who might be in a similar situation out. All going well my flat will be rented out by the end of May and I can actually start saving some money as opposed to spending it!

As for the long-term future I’m still not 100% certain. I guess it mostly depends on what happens with the flat and also my job (there’s been a lot of changes to our department over the last few months too) but I’m happy where I am for the time being. The lease on our flat runs until August so I’ll definitely be around until then. Regardless of what happens I’m happy with what I’ve achieved. I said I wanted to live in London for at least a year, I’ve done that now and what a year it has been!

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