Dear Diary

Dear Diary: Six Months On

Things have been a bit quiet on the blog over the last few weeks. Not a whole lot has changed since my last update but I thought I’d do a wee post anyway.

I’ve visited LegoLand, Wales, Toronto and Niagara Falls!

I found a new place to live (and my flatmates are way nicer than that last guy!)

I enrolled in my Events Management course I’m going to be taking next year

I helped combine our two London offices into our big shiny new office to great success

But… I still don’t feel like I’m really any further forward than I was three months ago. I’m not any happier than I was then. In fact, I’m not any happier than I was when I lived in Aberdeen. Perhaps even less so with the burden of my flat sitting empty at home and my family too far away to be of any use in an emergency.

I returned from my trip to Toronto with what I thought was a sprained ankle. It was excruciatingly painful whenever I would try to put any weight on it but not all of the time. It would come and it would go. As it failed to get any better I went to the doctor and was prescribed with cellulitis. Despite two courses of antibiotics it still wasn’t healing as it should have been so off to the hospital for an x-ray I was sent which didn’t show anything wrong. They wanted to keep me in overnight and put me on some IV antibiotics which should go straight to the source of the infection but I declined as I was due to go home.

Originally my mum and niece were supposed to be coming to visit me in London for the first time but my niece had not long had yet another operation to correct the bowing of her legs and was still in a lot of pain. Instead last-minute flights were booked for me to pop home for the weekend instead. The weekend was extended to six days in total after I was admitted to hospital in Aberdeen on the Sunday night. They then diagnosed me with Erythema Nodosum but despite two days of tests couldn’t discover what it was that caused it. I was discharged with diclofenac and paracetamol to reduce the pain and inflammation.

Before I moved I was always worried about what would happen back home if something were to happen to my mum or my niece without me around, I never really thought about what would happen to me without them. I’m really lucky to have Matt and his parents (who seem to adore me) just over an hour away but I do still worry about being lonely for the rest of my stay in London. Now my foot is finally starting to heal I can start being more social and hopefully making good friends whom I can start to rely on.

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