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You may have noticed a lack of style posts on this here “lifestyle” blog. To be honest I don’t really have my own personal sense of style (unless you count jeggings and nerdy t-shirts as a style) but I’ve been getting incredibly bored of my wardrobe recently and really want to try to push myself out of my comfort zone a little bit. So rather than buy stuff that doesn’t actually suit me and have it clutter up my wardrobe I’m enlisting the help of some of my best buddies to put together outfits for me for under £50!

Erica jumped at the chance to come shopping with me and one Saturday after drinking prosecco with the girls we headed into central and to an old faithful friend of both of us; Primark!

Wandering through the store as Erica pointed out a whole bunch of things I wouldn’t have even looked twice at was fun and there were a few things that she pointed out that I already had my eye on but I had no clue what I would pair it with. I didn’t say no to anything though and was more than happy to try everything on.

We tried some casual looks…

As well as some more summery type outfits…

But in the end, we settled on this pastel ensemble.

I wore it to our lovely friend Katie’s 30th Birthday party and everyone was suitably impressed with Erica’s handiwork. I even made a bit of effort with my hair and makeup – I used eyeshadow as highlighter for goodness sakes!

The skirt, vest and sliders were all from Primark and in a happy coincidence I was gifted a stunning baby blue clutch bag at the Amara tea party which finished the outfit off beautifully.

I hardly ever wear skirts as I have no idea what to wear on top with them but we got a couple of different vest style tops in different colours which work really well so I’m trying to branch out more.

Thanks Erica for coming shopping with me and putting up with my complete lack of posing skills during my first ever photoshoot! I’m not sure who’s coming shopping next month with me but I’m excited to see what they pick.

Skirt – Primark – £13
Vest – Primark – £4
Sliders – Primark – £8
Clutch – c/o Amara – £20

Total Outfit cost – £45


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