Dear Diary

Dear Diary: The Weekend #11

Last weekend I took a little jaunt (my last until I go home for Christmas) to Ipswich to stay with my best frex Matt as between us we don’t have a weekend free together for the rest of the year. Given it was a last-minute (well for me) decision, and a Friday evening, meant that the train was too expensive so instead I hopped on the National Express coach from Victoria station. It would take a good deal longer (almost three times in fact) but it was also a quarter of the price at less than a tenner. It was a horrible journey. There were no sockets between the seats like I’ve had on previous NE coaches, the woman in front did NOT stop talking the entire journey and we ended up almost half an hour late in reaching our destination.

As he’s a model maker (and has lots of paints in his model making arsenal) I’d asked him to help me out with decoration/painting the Jayne gun I was working on last weekend, we’d also planned on heading to the cinema so we could see Interstellar in IMAX. Unfortunately I hadn’t counted on him being such a bloody perfectionist that the thing would take forever and a day to complete.


After a lazy start to Saturday morning we got ready to start and he convinced me to cover my foam handle with a miracle material called plasticard only to discover that he was out of superglue. So we popped out for an emergency trip to the local craft shop Craftability. Ok so their website might be a little bit retro but oh my days it was like heaven in there! I could easily have spent hours (and hundreds of pounds) in that shop. In the end we came away with what we needed and also a few bits and pieces that I’m going to use to make Luna Lovegood jewellery.


After what felt like a million hours work my gun went from this:


to this:


Not a huge amount different eh? The weird plastic glue that Matt uses gave me a headache and so by the time we settled down to watch the season finale of Doctor Who I was feeling a bit woozy and fell asleep mid-way through only to wake up to Matt yelling at the cyberBrig. It wasn’t a very good episode was it?

Sunday morning was spent painting and it was taking so long we decided to skip the cinema in favour of finishing it up before heading for tea at his parents house.


Doesn’t look too shabby does it? There are a few bits I want to change/tidy up but I’m pretty happy with how it looks and I can’t wait to take it to a convention! It was quite late by the time I got the train home and I pretty much just crashed out when I got in but it was nice to have a more relaxing weekend than my usual running around! How was your weekend? Any exciting plans for this one?

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