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Dear Diary: The Weekend #23

Another weekend gone, they never seem to last so they? On the Saturday my friend Jen and I went for the first of our (hopefully) monthly afternoon tea jaunts! I’ll be doing a full review soon but here’s a sneaky preview.


To work up a bit of an appetite beforehand we also popped along to the Canary Wharf ice rink which is the only one still open until the end of February. I’d had a dream a couple of weeks earlier where I was skating like a pro and I really wanted to have another go. Sadly I wasn’t as good as in my dream but it was still really good fun!


Even though it rained out spirits didn’t dampen with the weather. Red lipstick helps too!


Our afternoon tea wasn’t booked in until 3:30pm and we arrived at Bond Street two hours early, oops! Never fear though we found ourselves a bar and ordered a bottle of pink bubbles followed by a teapot of cocktail.

Having only eaten a single Reeses peanut butter cup for breakfast I was rather tipsy by the time we left and tottered to the Millennium hotel in Mayfair. I think I played it cool until we sat down and were given a glass of champagne but I definitely had verbal diarrhea lol. Sorry Jen!

Afterwards we went our separate ways and I hopped on the tube to Heathrow to see some friends who were there for Faebles 2, a Lost Girl convention. Having never seen the show it wasn’t one I was going to attend for the guests but I can’t pass up a chance to see some lovely friends when they’re so close. Well close-ish! I hung out drinking with friends until about midnight when my friend Steve came to pick me up as I was dogsitting this cutie for him the next day.


Somehow I woke up at 6:45am on the Sunday without a hangover (although desperately needing a shower to wake me up properly) and a bacon sandwich cured those morning-after hunger pangs. We went for a walk along the river but other than that I had a really lazy afternoon watching Friends on the TV. Bliss!


I had planned to head back to the con and The Pheasant for dinner but my body was exhausted. I really need to remember that I can’t do it all and not to punish myself for this fact but it’s hard because London! Oh well, at least this weekend is a quiet one and I plan on doing pretty much nothing other than working on cosplay stuff!

How was your weekend? Any exciting plans for this one?

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