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Dear Diary: The Weekend #29

My first convention of this year was the London Super Comic Con and I’d been working really hard o two new costumed for the event. An original design Poison Ivy and Emma Frost from xMen First Class. LSCC is always a really fun event as it’s quiet, well organised and just generally really relaxed. It was missing a few regular friends but there were still plenty of people to see.


Saturday I was only there for half the day before heading to the cinema to see Home with my friend Jen and then plan our girlie trip to Prague in June which I’m really excited about. I did head back to The Fox afterwards to hang out for a while but they stopped serving at 11pm which was a bit crappy and I didn’t fancy.

Sunday morning I wasn’t feeling too good. My crohn’s was acting up and I was a bit bloated so I wasn’t really sure if wearing the midriff showing Emma Frost was the best plan but I decided that I’d spent to long on it and went along anyway. It still needs a little bit more work, especially the wig, but I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.


I was most excited for the finals of the Cosplay Championship in the afternoon as I’d missed the first round the day before and I have to say the level of workmanship was incredible. I’d watched the progress of a few of the entrants closely on Facebook and I was over the moon when Ross was announced as the winner with his Urusla, I mean how incredible is it?


He wins a trip for him and a plus one to Dragon Con which I’m also returning to this year and I am so excited! As usual when I’m in cosplay I failed to take many pictures over the weekend and those that I too at the competition were blurry. Events are becoming more about the cosplay side for me and I have a few more costumes planned for the year which I can’t wait to get stuck into.

How was your weekend? Any exciting plans for this one?

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