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Dear Diary: The Weekend #35

My friend Victoria came to London this weekend so that we could experience the Natural History Museum Lates. Getting drunk with dinosaurs is pretty fun and I definitely recommend that you go along.


It was a tad on the busy side though and it wasn’t very clear as to where you could and could not take your drinks. Still there are worse ways to spend a Friday night!


We stayed in the Park Plaza Riverbank on the Friday night too which was a lovely luxury, although housekeeping trying to come in to clean the room while I was in the toilet wasn’t fun. It can’t be that difficult to wait/check that people have checked out surely?! Especially on a weekend when people probably want a lie in.


On Saturday morning I had a mysterious appointment at a hair salon which I will tell you all more about soon. Afterwards we had a go on the Up&Go bouncy obstacle course that was right next to the OXO tower. It was a lot of fun but man was I pumped with adrenaline afterwards.


We then headed off on another Shaun in the City hunt, this time taking on Shirley’s Trail. There will be more pictures from this in this weeks Wordless Wednesday post!


Then it was off to the Ampersand Hotel for my monthly afternoon tea with Jen! This month we finally got to try the Science Museum inspired tea which we’d been wanting to do for ages and it was pretty spectacular. Here’s a sneak peek but there will be a full blog post soon:

Sunday was my two year anniversary of moving to London. I reflected on that and how my life has changed here.

The day was spent in the best fashion ever; chocolate making with some fabulous blogging ladies in the morning followed by a stay at the incredible five star Threadneedles hotel as a treat!

How was your weekend? Any exciting plans for this one?

2 thoughts on “Dear Diary: The Weekend #35

  1. What an amazing weekend, you certainly do make the most if events and I enjoy reading about your adventures X Dawn

    1. Thanks Dawn, I do like to make the most of things! This weekend has been the complete opposite and I’m not going to have very much to write about in next weeks post haha x

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