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Dear Diary: The Weekend #45

Oh my goodness you guys, what a weekend I had last week! Those fab guys over at Zomato threw a birthday party at Earlham Street Clubhouse on the Friday night and yours truly was invited as a VIP! I was a bit disappointed that I’d already been there before but I knew that the cocktails and pizza were out of this world so it wasn’t as though it was a hardship! It was lovely to mingle and chat with other Zomato peeps for the evening.


There were prizes for the best pictures posted on social media (I won an afternoon tea at the St James’ Court Taj hotel which I’m looking forward to booking in) and a truly epic birthday cake!


Like this was so epic I couldn’t even finish my tiny piece. I may have gotten a little bit drunk and lamenting the fact I’m still currently single sent Connie off on a fact-finding mission about the fittie in the corner. I thought this was super nice of her given this was the first time we had met but then it turned out that all the “facts” she brought me back were totally false. We all had a good giggle about it though.

Somehow, which never happens, I found myself as one of the last few standing and we headed off to a club in Soho which I have very little recollection of. Obviously I had missed the last tube home so I had to navigate the night bus home for the very first time… without my mobile phone which of course had inevitably run out of battery! I don’t know where or when but I bumped into a lovely chap who was also heading to Canning Town and got me home safely. I also apparently gave him my number as I had a voicemail from him the next day checking to see I was OK which I thought was sweet. I didn’t return the phone call so if that was you and you’ve found my blog by googling my mobile number (I just did it and am now slightly concerned that that’s a thing) I’m sorry, I was too embarrassed, thank you.


Saturday was a bright and sunny day. All I really wanted was to stay curled up in bed and fend off the hangover I was nursing but I had booked in for a chocolate walking tour that Karen had bought for my birthday earlier this year. I’ll blog about this in more detail but there was a lot of chocolate tasters and that mixed with the heat made me feel a little bit poorly but it was good fun.


I finally got my rest day on Sunday and while I’d planned a whole load of blog admin instead I ended up binge watching the latest season of Orange is the new black and finishing up Orphan black. There are worse ways to spend a Sunday in my opinion!

How was your weekend? Any exciting plans for this one?

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