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Dear Diary: The Weekend #49

Last weekend was simply wonderful. There is no other word for it. My London Bestie Jen (who I’d bet has been mentioned on this blog more times that anyone else) celebrated her birthday in style by inviting a group of us to join her for a spa weekend in the Norfolk country. It took a bit of planning but eventually the lot of us were booked in for two nights at Dunston Hall Hotel and I was looking forward to the chance to unplug for the weekend which was exactly what I did.


The hotel was truly magnificent (although a little tired on the decor front) and there was a wedding happening when we arrived on the Saturday which unfortunately meant that we couldn’t use the little terrace bar. After freshening up after the drive we headed for a drink or two at the Bunkers Bar instead and were promptly attacked by wasps. Now being allergic to wasp stings this was my least favourite part of the weekend but not something that could be helped.

After drinking the bar dry of gin we headed for dinner at the hotel restaurant which was included in our room rate and had a glorious evening chatting and laughing before falling into bed tipsy and full.

The following morning we headed to the spa (check out those hot dog legs) for a morning of relaxation. Also included in our rate was a 60 minute treatment and I chose to have a hot stone massage having never experienced one before. It was exactly what I needed as I felt the tension (which has sadly since returned) leave my shoulders.


We had hoped to indulge in afternoon tea (of course) but sadly this is not offered on a Sunday – this makes absolutely no sense to me, surely people are more likely to visit the hotel for afternoon tea on a weekend? – so instead settled down with some bar snacks back at Bunkers.

As it was our final night we were a bit torn as to what to do, being a couple of miles from anywhere meant that some people would have to not drink and drive us or we would have to get taxis. In the end we decided to stay put and have dinner in the restaurant once more where we surprised the birthday girl with a cake that had been painstakingly driven from London to Norfolk with bags of ice to keep it cool because it contained fresh cream!


I think her face goes to show just how please she was with that little treat. It was a pretty damn good cake too even if it did turn our tongues blue.


We stayed up late in the gardens playing Never have I ever and lamenting the fact that we had to go home the next day – although a Monday off of work definitely softened the blow.

How was your weekend? Any exciting plans for this one?

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