Dear Diary

Dear Diary: Two Years On

Wow two years. I’m not quite sure I ever really thought I’d still be here two years later but here I am. It seems like no time has passed at all but also that it has passed far too quickly. Here are some of my highlights from the past year:

I discovered Temple Studios and with it a love of immersive theatre

I became a Google City Expert (now Local Guides) and have attended several cool events

Won a ridiculous number of competitions that have enabled me to do things like eat at a Michelin star restaurant and buy expensive jeans

Said goodbye to one of my favourite people in London and hello to a ton of new blog friends too!

I attempted dating and I’m not quite done with it yet… watch this space.

I walked 25km for charity and have never been so proud of myself

Cut my hair short which is something I said I would never do #BeMoreTaylor

Wrote my first sponsored post on Broke in the Big Smoke!

Set up a second blog to share my travel adventures and loves

Started a monthly afternoon tea tradition with my friend Jen, yum!

Stayed at several wonderful hotels including K West hotel & spa and The Cumberland

And not forgetting the food. Oh the food! So much so I couldn’t possibly pick my favourites.

Pretty crazy year huh? And I have so many more plans for the next five months – our lease has been renewed until the end of September so I guess I’m staying put for a while longer. This weekend has been spent in a way that sums up the last two years of my life pretty well; with friends, other bloggers and an overnight stay in a luxurious five star hotel room, all of my favourite things <3

I’m travelling a lot this year too. Having already been to Paris, New York and Oslo, I have Prague, Dresden and Amsterdam on my list for summer as well as a trip to Dragon Con in Atlanta later on in the year.

As for what I want to do with this blog? Well I’m just going to keep on keeping on and posting about my life here in the capital and whatever attracts my fancy! One thing I do want to do is move from to self-hosted but there is a lot of behind the scenes work I need to do before I can do that so I need to free up some time in my schedule.

In all seriousness though I’d like to thank those of you who read here. Whether you’re one of my friends who joined me at the start of this adventure when I pestered you all to read it (Hi Linzi *waves*), someone who started reading after I handed you a business card after too much wine (if that’s you please let me know, I never know if it’s worth having them or not!) or you’re a brand new reader who’s stumbled across my blog looking for something cool to do in London. I write this blog because I love writing and I love London so why on earth wouldn’t I want to combine the two?

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