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Dear Diary: Weekend Wanderings – Part Two

A visit to the Science museum was always on the cards as I had been saving my visit specifically for when my niece visited. The weather report said that it would be bright in the morning followed by rain showers in the afternoon so instead of heading straight there we decided to take a walk around the more central touristy parts of London. We took the Thames Clipper from Tower Pier to Embankment Pier (which turned out to be everyone’s favourite mode of transport!) and wandered up Northumberland Avenue to take in the sights of Trafalgar Square, Covent Garden and Leicester Square before having lunch in China Town.

IMG_3645My mum had always wanted to see Piccadilly Circus but was a little underwhelmed by it but I couldn’t resist the opportunity to show my niece the delights held within Hamley’s toy store! With slightly throbbing feet we made our way to the nearest hop on, hop off bus stop and this time took the blue line which took us towards South Kensington and the museums. It was nice to have some different things to see on this route including Harrods where I still haven’t been yet! As we got off I checked with the driver what time the last bus was due, sadly due to it still being the Winter timetable the last one of the evening was quite early and we would only have an hour and a half inside the museum at most before we had to leave again.

Not knowing the best bits to go to we barely saw anything of interest for my niece as the ground floor was mainly made up of space bits and things from the modern world which wasn’t the hands on experiences we were looking for. We did manage a quick nosy around the Launchpad area which has over 50 interactive exhibits and shows. Much more fun for the wee ones. As we didn’t get a huge amount of time to look around I’m going to take another visit to the museum before I do a full post so look out for that in the near future.

IMG_5692We completed the blue route back to Tower hill then my niece came home with me for a sleepover to give my parents a break for the night.

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