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Dear Diary: Without gainful employment


So as of now, 3:30pm on Tuesday the 23rd April 2013 I am officially an unemployed bum.

This is the first time in my life I have quit a job without having something else lined up ready to move to and it’s scary. I have no idea where I’ll be job-wise in a week, month, three months time… hopefully I’ll find something within a few months of moving to London. Worst case I job hunt for several months and move home when I run out of money. I’ve always been a saver rather than a spender so I have a bit of money squirreled away. Enough to last me three months, four if I’m careful. The main problem is that everything is so much more expensive in London especially rent and transport.

The mortgage on my flat is less than £300 per month and the minimum rent I’m looking to spend is double that. Similarly a four-week bus pass in Aberdeen costs £64 (which I already grudge paying given their absolutely shocking excuse for service) however this is a small price to pay in comparison to the £136.80 per month it’s going to cost me for a zone 1-3 Travelcard which of course doesn’t include any trips I might have to make out with these zones.

I’ve kept an eye on my NET worth for a while now (and in credit accounts added to the worth of my assets and minus any debt I owe) so I’ll be carrying on with that and also for the first time setting myself a budget. I’ve tried to set myself budgets in the past but found it hard due to the fact that I didn’t really know where my money was going. However since the start of the year I’ve been keeping track of my expenses using a handy iPhone app called “Expense Tracker – Spending Free” so I have a better idea of where it all goes now and hopefully this will help make my budget reasonable.

Part of me is excited about not having to go to work every day, to have the time to explore my new home and not have to worry about setting an alarm for the morning but the sensible part of me knows that working is part of life and the sooner I get into some kind of routine the better. I’m not very good at the whole playing it by ear thing but right now, I don’t have much choice!

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  1. You are very brave and I wish you every success in your new life in London, wow the cost of living is so much more ! good luck and keep blogging ! x Dawn

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