Aberdeen vs London: Money Matters

Everyone always says that London is the most expensive place to live in the UK (some even say the world but they’re wrong, that’s actually Singapore having just toppled Tokyo) but Aberdeen (where I moved from) is another of the most affluent cities in the UK due to the high volume of oil and gas companies working in the city.

So after seeing Cait do a comparison of the cities she’s lived in recently over on Blonde on a Budget I thought I’d do something similar and compare the two. Luckily I was writing spending reports long before I moved to London so I have taken an average of the amounts I’ve been spending in the last 6 months here (before starting my £10/day challenge that is) and the 6 months in Aberdeen prior to making the move. The results were very interesting:

Aberdeen London
Mortgage/Rent £360.00 £480.00
Bills £231.00 £114.00
Food/Drink £345.00 £325.00
Travel £64.00 £142.00
£1,000.00 £1,061.00

So not that big a difference after all huh? The £61 increase in the cost of living can easily be attributed to the increase in travel expenses. Living alone back home meant I had to pay all the bills on my own whereas here they are split three ways. I also know that I am incredibly lucky getting such a great room for such a great price. It really was fate and long may it continue! *fingers crossed* I continue to have such a great relationship with my flatmates as I have heard some awful horror stories.

I’ve actually somehow managed to reduce my spending on food/drink since moving which I don’t really understand given that there are so many great places to try in London! What the above doesn’t show is the amount of money I spend on doing stuff as let’s face it with the amount of free stuff there is going on in London you don’t have to spend huge amounts of money on going places and seeing things. I do but that’s a choice I make because I want to experience these things while I’m in London as I’m unsure how long that’s going to last (more on that another day though) I do of course however always try to get the best price for anywhere I do go, no point in being wasteful is there?

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