August 2013 NET Worth/Budget

Cash – £12.33
Santander 123 C/A – £736.95
First Direct C/A – £1,376.04
EasyCash – £1.00
Credit total – £2,126.32

Capital One C/C – £537.41
Creation C/C – £554.76
Debt total – (£1,092.71)

Net worth
£2,126.32 – £1,092.71 = £1,034.15

I feel so poor 🙁 I know for a lot of people having a thousand pounds in the bank is a dream come true but this is the least amount of money I have had in a very long time. My poor flat still remains empty at home and I’ve not been back to tend to it although I do plan on getting up there this month even if I don’t go with work. So where did all the money go?

Budgeted Actual +/-
Rent £640 £640.00 =
Essentials £800 £576.81 -£223.19
Food/Drink £300 £405.82 £105.82
Travel £175 £226.60 £51.60
Entertainment £200 £273.90 £73.90
Miscellaneous £135 £231.58 £96.58
Total £2,250 £2,354.71 £104.71

I’m actually quite pleased that I’m only £100 over budget but clearly my ratios were a bit off given that I overspent in every area except Essentials. If I’d been able to keep to my food and drink budget I would have actually been under budget this month but as always this is a work in progress.

August is going to be an insane time for me given I’m only in London for one weekend during it and I somehow need to find a flat and move during that time as well so you’ll notice a new Moving category in this months budget which is my deposit and first months rent budget. This is also technically a four-week budget until I go on my big holiday at the end of the month and I’ll be posting a mini budget and spending reports for that. I’m so glad almost everything is prepaid for!

Budgeted Actual +/-
Rent £640
Moving £1,500
Essentials £660
Food/Drink £300
Travel £175
Entertainment £200
Miscellaneous £125
Total £3,600

God I can’t wait til my first London paycheque… just fourteen more sleeps!

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