Foodbank Advent

I hate the C word before December but this year I’m making an exception to tell you all about the UK Money Bloggers Christmas campaign for 2017. You may remember last year we advocated for those partaking in Secret Santa at the office or with friends to give everyone the option to donate to charity rather than receive a gift they might not use. It was a huge success with £180+ split between multiple charities close to many of our hearts so this year we thought we’d have another crack at it with Foodbank Advent.

Everyone loves an advent calendar – counting down until the big day with a sneaky treat but for thousands of people across the UK they’ll be dreading Christmas rather than looking forward to it. What should be a celebration of love and family is instead a time of worry simply because they don’t have the money spare to celebrate.

Food banks are stretched thin at the best of times and with changes to benefits starting to come in to effect many more people are going to find making ends meet over the next couple of months even harder than usual and this extra demand needs to be met so why not try a reverse advent calendar throughout November to help?

Here’s how it works: grab a box and every day between now and the end of November add something to it that you would like to donate to your local foodbank. Just make sure that everything has a decent best before date on them – one foodbank recently received a can of sweetcorn 35 YEARS past it’s expiry date!

Dried goods like pasta, rice and cereals are excellent as is anything in a tin but don’t overlook some little luxuries like chocolate coins, a tin of biscuits or a good old-fashioned Christmas pudding either. And don’t forget non grocery items too; toiletries, feminine hygiene products and household items like washing up liquid or laundry detergent are often forgotten but are always very much appreciated.

Once you’ve collected your 25 items (or as many as you want to donate) drop your box off so that it can be sorted for distribution to families in need ready for the festive period. If you’re reading this in December, January or any month of the year don’t despair there’s no need to wait – you can start any time at all, sadly foodbanks rely on donations month in month out and you’ll really make a difference to someones life by donating.

If you want more details on what to donate or where your nearest foodbank is the Trussell Trust website can help. And if you’re taking part in #FoodbankAdvent this year please let me know in the comments.

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