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As well as telling you ways to save money on various things I also want to start sharing ways in which you can make a little bit of extra money too! This first post is the obvious one – sell stuff on eBay! New Year for me is very much about fresh starts and having a clearout is always top of my agenda. Despite basically living in a shoebox of a bedroom in London I own way too much stuff.

On the first of the year I had a massive sort through of all of my belongings – threw out a bunch of stuff, replaced some things that badly need replaced, filled two boxes full of things for charity AND still managed to fill a large suitcase of things I want to try sell on eBay! Last weekend I spent some time photographing everything and writing short descriptions as well as a rough guide to starting prices then yesterday I spent a LOT of time getting the listings actually up on eBay which are all due to end next Sunday. I don’t know why but apparently Sunday evening is the best time for auctions to end!

I won’t lie, selling stuff on eBay isn’t easy and it isn’t fun but it sure can be profitable. People will buy literally anything (seriously check out these weird things that have sold on eBay). Each month you get 20 free listings which means you won’t pay a single penny to actually list your items for sale, make the most of this by putting up your more expensive items first if you have more than this to list (or consider spreading them out over a couple of months like I plan on doing!) you’ll still have to pay final value and PayPal fees though so bear this in mind when deciding on your starting price. eBay sometimes run free listing days or weekends too so keep an eye out for these.

The two main factors you should really pay attention to when listing on eBay are describing the item well including brand, size, measurements, fabric, colour etc and taking good pictures. Make sure to point out any issues with the item so that you’re not hit with a “not as described” case being opened against you after it arrives. eBay lets you include up to 12 pictures for free with each listing so there’s no excuse for not showing off the item from all sides.

Don’t list your starting price for less than you’re willing to let the item go for. It can be tempting just to whack everything on at 99p start price but if it actually goes for 99p how much of a profit will you truly be making once postage and fees are taken off the total? Speaking of postage, make sure you know the true cost of the items you are sending. Getting this wrong can be catastrophic as my mum once discovered after actually ending up paying for someone to buy something of hers! You can also offer postage discounts the same member buys multiple items from you, encourage this by listing similar or complimentary items and linking to them in description. Oh and always make sure that you get a proof of posting! Whenever I get back from the post office I like to write the eBay listing number at the top of the receipt and file it away into a folder for safe keeping.

If you want some more indepth tips check out these videos from Wiser Wealthier or Emma Drew also has 17 Tried and Tested Tips for you.

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