May 2016 NET Worth

Cash – £1.21
PayPal – £36.04
Santander – £969.63
Halifax C/A – £5,086.96
TSB- £284.57
Tesco – £885.83
Credit total – £7,264.34

Capital One C/C – £318.99
MBNA C/C – £3,268.52
Virgin Atlantic C/C – £2,492.42
Halifax C/C – £2,689.67
Loan from Mum – £4,000.00
Loan from Dad – £2,000.00
Debt total – (£14,769.60)

Net worth
£7,264.34 – £14,769.60 = –£7,505.26

6 thoughts on “May 2016 NET Worth

    1. Thanks Claire, I’ve always done these since I started my very first blog so it’s super interesting to see how things change and also why especially when I used to have a positive NET worth of the same amount of debt I’m in at the moment but I owned property before I turned 30 so yay for that! xx

  1. just curious what your game plan is really as also in debt heavily, I noticed you are almost £7000 in credit, how come you don’t use this to pay off some of the debt?

    1. Hey Dave, thanks for the comment. All of my debts are interest free at the moment so it makes sense to have the money in the accounts earning me interest rather than paying the debts down at the moment. As long as the NET debt is going down each month I’m happy with that at the moment 🙂 For me I’ve been trying what I’m calling a not quite shopping ban where I only spend the money that I make on top of my salary but to be honest I haven’t been paying enough attention for the last couple of months because my health has been sucky to say the least! (Hence the lack of posting!) Need to do an update post on that soon I think.

        1. That’s a tough situation – is there anyway you can move any of them so that they are for a period of time? Give you a chance to pay off the higher interest debts? x

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