So I said that I wanted to do more posts on saving money and as I’m currently restructuring my own finances (more on this later this week) now seems as good a time as any. The first money-saving tip I want to let you know about is Quidco; a cashback site I have only just recently got back in to using.

For those of you who don’t know what a cashback site is here’s the definition from my good pal Martin Lewis: Cashback websites pay you when you click through them, go to retailers or product providers and spend. They can do this because they get a commission from the retailers for essentially attracting your custom which they then pass on to you.

This is a nice added bonus when you’re buying things online that you would have been paying for anyway and can sometimes add up very quickly. For example, I just bought landlord insurance for my flat in Aberdeen via MoreThan for £164.03 for the year (which was also the cheapest price I found during my search) however as I went via Quidco I should get £95 of this back making my years worth of insurance a very cool £69.03! Less than six quid a month! Since this was something I would have had to pay for anyway this is a very nice sum of money that I can throw towards getting out of debt if/when it is received.

But don’t fall in to the trap of going for a more expensive product just because there is more cashback on offer, it’s not worth it just in case something goes wrong with the tracking and you end up not getting paid the money at all as can happen. And once the money has been paid into your account be sure to withdraw it into your bank account as only then is they money really yours!

You can also register your credit and debit cards on the site so that when you use them in participating stores you can earn some additional cashback too!

I’ve only ever used Quidco but there are other cashback sites out there that you can use (and it seems that TopCashBack is’s top pick)  but be wary about smaller, newer sites which may advertise too good to be true offers.

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