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While preparing for my families visit this past weekend I did a lot of research on the tourist attractions they wanted to go and see and how to make visiting them a little bit cheaper. With three adults and a child, going anywhere can be a bit on the expensive side but thanks to Days Out Guide you can get in to loads of London attractions 2 for the price of 1. The catch? You need to have travelled to London by train. Obviously since my family flew from Aberdeen and I live here we didn’t do that. Instead I bought four return tickets from Clapham Junction to London Waterloo for the princely sum of £12.40 and used these instead. (Thanks for the tip!)

Obviously whether this is worth doing for your trip or not depends on which attractions you wish to visit but knowing my mother wanted to see Madame Tussaud’s while she was here I figured it was worth the gamble. On the day, tickets for Tussaud’s are £30 per adult and £25.60 per child meaning it should have cost us a whopping £115.60 for our family of four. Instead it would have cost us just £72.40 (£60 for 2 adults plus the £12.40 we paid for the train tickets) a saving of £43.20! (I say would because we gave up queuing after just half an hour and headed to the pub!) We did use them at the Sea Life London Aquarium so it still saved us a few quid and if you’re already travelling by train it’s an even bigger bargain. You can use as many two for one vouchers as you like during your stay (provided you keep hold of and can show those rail tickets). You can see the full choice of locations here.

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