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Ways to save money on… Cinema

One of my absolute favourite pastimes is going to the cinema and I go at least once per week but the cost can soon add up. Not only do cinema tickets in London cost on average £10 per person but transport/parking and dinner/snacks can soon add up on an evening out so here are some tips on how to save money on cinema tickets.

Visit off peak

If you’re lucky enough to be able to visit the cinema between 9am and 5pm when people are usually at work then most cinemas offer a cheaper off peak ticket price. If you’re also a student or senior (as many people who can visit during these times are likely to be) you’ll likely also get an additional discount on the ticket price so long as you have your ID with you. It never hurts to ask!

Go independent

Independent cinemas tend to be a lot cheaper than the big chains (although that’s not always the case) if you’re lucky enough to have an independent cinema nearby like Genesis and Roxy in London why not check them out and see. (TimeOut London have a great list) They may not show every movie you want to go and see but it’s highly likely they’ll get the majority of the big blockbusters.

Get an Unlimited/Limitless pass

Both Cineworld and Odeon cinema chains offer passes that allow you to watch an unlimited number of movies at their cinemas throughout the country for a set price. I’m a proud Cineworld Unlimited member and I barely notice the £17.99 that leaves my account each month. Given that I usually visit the cinema at least once a week I’m saving at least half price off what pay on the day prices would cost me. These are only good if you’re likely to visit regularly though.

Use your loyalty points

If you are a Tesco Clubcard or Nectar Card holder the you can trade the points you’ve saved up on them in exchange for cinema tickets. For example £4.50 in Clubcard vouchers gets you an adult cinema ticket at Cineworld. If you already shop at these places and earn points which you would otherwise not spend then it’s the same as getting a cinema ticket for free!

Meerkat Movies

If you use comparison site Compare the Meerkat to apply for anything you can get 2for1 cinema tickets every Tuesday or Wednesday for 12 months. This is great if you have someone who you can rely on to go with you or don’t like going on your own. I LOVE going to the cinema on my own as I can do it without co-ordinating with someone else’s schedule, decide what I want to see without compromise and there’s absolutely no sharing of popcorn haha.

Sweet Sundays

Buy specially branded Mars sweets and the packets will have special codes that you can enter into the Sweet Sundays site to build up points. For every 10 points you earn you can get a free 2D cinema ticket any Sunday. The best part is you’ll already have stocked up on snacks for the film!

Do you have any other ideas about ways to save on cinema tickets?

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