Why is talking about money such a taboo?

This is a column I wrote for Bloggeration mag before going on holiday in August but which sadly was never published before being closed – rather than let it go to waste I thought I’d publish it here as part of a new Money Monday series of posts which I’m hoping to do fortnightly.

Thanks to Sex and the City and other TV shows of a similar ilk, talking about sex is no longer just for the open minded. With excellent social media campaigns like It’s time to talk, Time to Change and Rethink we’re finally treating our minds as extensions of our bodies and opening up the conversation on mental health issues. So why oh why is talking about money still such a taboo?

I have no issue talking about money as you can see from my blog. I’m happy to tell you that I earnt £27,500 a year working in my last job, that I pay £530 pcm for my room in my East London flat and that I spend far too much money on both eating out and tickets for events and shows.

Every single person has to deal with money regardless of whether they have too much of it or too little. Those that fall in the latter camp often feel ashamed at their struggle to manage their money properly and make ends meet but they shouldn’t. You shouldn’t.

One of the main reasons people find themselves in a financial fix is lack of education. I don’t know about you but I got taught absolutely nothing about budgeting, paying bills and credit cards in school and had to figure this all out on my own. This lack of information is how mistakes happen.

If we talk about our experiences, we can learn from each other, and avoid making the same mistakes!

This is one of the reasons I love the UK Money blogging community they’re generally much more open about things I find and don’t hesitate to help one another out. It feels like there’s less of a competition between them than in other blogging genres! Last month we held out second money conference and it was really good to see how our numbers have grown in just a year.

What are your thoughts on the subject?

1 thought on “Why is talking about money such a taboo?

  1. I noticed the same thing, my friend and people in general haven’t problems to talk about sex while money is a taboo topic…well I started to share my income, my tips to save and slowly someone started to be less embarassed about money….

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