Tenner Week

To help kickstart my money-saving I decided to take part in Penny Golightly’s Tenner week last week. The premise behind tenner week is that you spend a maximum of £10 over 7 days on personal spending so food and drink, entertainment, toiletries, hobbies, treats and so on. There are also daily challenges to stop you from becoming a social hermit and just crashing out in front of the television on a nightly basis. You can read more details on the Tenner week challenger here.  I made a little exception for a dinner and drinks with some blogging lovelies that I had prearranged but other than that I was determined to stick to the £10 limit. So how did I do?

Monday (total spend: 88p)

Monday also marked the start of the DW Fitness Festive Fitness Challenge. I don’t own scales so I needed to get my starting weight from the electronic ones at Boots which cost me 70p. I also bought a banana from Tesco as an afternoon snack. The challenge for the day was to create a meal plan based around the foods you already have in your freezer/store cupboard. I posted this on my Facebook page and it got a good reaction. Day one was a definite success!

Tuesday/Wednesday (No spend days!)

Two no spend days were definitely helped by all that meal planning I did in advance. Tuesday’s challenge was to find three things to sell which I did; two pairs of shoes and an old glasses case – Mrs M said on one of her car booty videos that these could go for quite a bit on eBay so I thought it would be worth a shot. Wednesday we were supposed to put these things up for sale but I didn’t have the chance as I was out at the theatre for the night.

Thursday (total spend: 18p)

Today the mission was to find a freebie! I’d already done this in advance and got a one day free trial at a nearby Nuffield Health gym. Bought a banana to eat before I went to keep me going! The gym itself was absolutely stunning and I ended up staying far longer than intended but I’m going to tell you more about that in an upcoming post.

Friday (total spend: 35p + dinner)

I was naughty and bought an energy drink from the corner shop on the way to work on Friday as I was starting to feel the effects of being busy every night that week! I didn’t let that stop me from having a good time out with the girls and we got there in time to take advantage of the 241 cocktail offer!

Saturday (total spend: £1.80)

I knew the weekend would be the hardest part of the challenge but I had already booked and paid for afternoon tea with Jen in advance and decided to leave the house without taking my purse. After I went for a run in the morning though I was totally starving so popped by the corner shop to grab bread and eggs for breakfast and used Apple Pay for the first time. Convenient? Yes. Easy to spend money without thinking about it? Definitely!

Sunday (No spend day!)

The last day of the challenge was to have a no spend day which for me was by far the easiest as I spent most of the day at home apart from a few hours spent at a blog crafting event in the afternoon. I used my slow cooker for the first time (just £14.99 after I used a discount code and bought with some vouchers I had already) which was exciting even if it didn’t go quite to plan.

Weekly total: £3.21 + dinner

I’m pretty chuffed with that. I could quite easily have said oh but I’ve got dinner with the girls this week I can’t possible do the challenge and just spent like I normally would so I’m pretty pleased. Overall I think I did pretty well and I’ll definitely be trying challenges like this every so often, perhaps the last week of each month? Do you think you could live on just £10 a week?

2 thoughts on “Tenner Week

  1. This is a nice challenge I would must to try, I’m not so good as shopping banner but I became very good as budget planner and so I could plan a max daily amount to spend for personal expenses…which is been hardest moment of the week?

    1. Hmm… probably when a book I have on my Amazon wishlist went down to 99p! Definitely a moment of temptation. I’m planning a shopping ban for November not sure I’ll do very well. Eeek! x

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