The Year of Less

Hey guys, long time no blog; about a month I think! This post has been in the works since the start of the year but there has been so much uncertainty in my life that I’ve hesitated to finish it. Then last night I had some rather sad news that my application for what I can only describe as a dream role wasn’t being progressed any further and even though I actually have another job lined up already (which I start tomorrow fyi) it was still kinda gutting especially when they advised that they couldn’t give me any feedback but onwards and upwards as the saying goes. It’s just nice to finally have a definitive answer y’know?

I started out 2018 at home on my own making plans for the year some stuff of which I’d already been making headway with in the last few weeks of the year once I started to feel a bit less poorly. Since being unemployed I’ve definitely learned that I don’t cope well without some kind of structure for my day. I’m a follower and not a leader and I don’t want to aim for that #girlboss freelance life that so many other bloggers aspire to. It’s way too uncertain and stressful for me and those are things I’d really like to aim for less of.

Way back when I first started blogging about 7 years ago I discovered the anonymous Canadian personal finance blog Blonde on a Budget, started following LC online and became really good internet friends. No longer anonymous Cait and I finally met in New York City on a freezing cold day in February 2015 and later this year she’ll be visiting the UK! Not only that but her first book, The Year of Less, has just this week been released and as I read through my own copy from cover to cover on New Year’s day I found myself realising that I’ve been having so many of the same thoughts that Cait did before embarking on her no-spend year. Not so much the buying things I don’t need but feeling a desire to just generally have less stuff. I’ve already sold a bunch of stuff on eBay over the last couple of months and made an extra £150 so far.

As well as less stuff I’d like to have less debt too – I have more than I would like and with my discovery of matched betting along with my new role should mean I have more money to throw in to savings – I’ve been keeping a spending diary all throughout January to see what my actual expenses are and I’ll be sharing my new budgeting method with you guys at the start of next month. Although in other life news my flatmates let me know recently that they are in the process of buying their own place at the moment and if that all goes ahead then I may also very well be looking for a new place to live in the next month or so. Not the best timing really but also another great reason to get stuff cleared out. In fact I’ve just popped a new batch of bits up on eBay this evening.

Do you have any financial goals this year? Or plans to live a more minimal life?

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