Ways to save money on… Gift Cards

*Disclaimer: I was gifted Zeek credit in exchange for a review. The above opinions are still my own and not influenced by this in any way

Christmas is approaching and we all have those tricksy people in our life who it’s practically impossible to buy a gift for. For me it’s my dad. He doesn’t have much in the way of hobbies, doesn’t like sweet things and isn’t in to tech in the slightest. Seriously until last year he was still using a Nokia 3510 mobile phone, I wish I was joking.

So what do you get for those people who have everything? Giving cash always seems to be a bit impersonal to me but a well chosen gift card shows that a little more thought has gone in to it and I’ve got a sneaky way you can get these for less than face value, sometimes up to 20% less than their face value: Zeek.

I’d never heard about Zeek before they got in contact with me offering me some credit to try out the service but it really intrigued me. How could they offer cards for less than their actual cost? Wouldn’t they lose out on money by doing that? Well the way the app works is that other people, so you and me, can put up their unwanted gift cards for sale stopping them from sitting in a drawer unused until they expire.

There’s a huge range of retailers on the app from Amazon to Hungry House, iTunes to Starbucks so you’re sure to find something that takes your fancy. I used my credit to buy a very sensible Sainsbury’s voucher to save money on my regular food shop and a cheeky £15 Hungry House credit to treat myself to a takeaway. The latter was an online voucher so I was sent the code almost immediately and scoffing my chinese in less than 2 hours whereas the other was a physical gift card that arrived in the post just a couple of days later.

Of course you don’t just have to buy them as gifts – if you’re planning a purchase anyway it’s worth checking to see if a card is available for you to buy for the store before making the final payment. It’s basically a discount off anything you want! If you do give Zeek a go enter discount code 2EXH6YCG for an extra £5 discount off your first purchase!

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