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While I’m off to Vegas for the Star Trek 50th Creation Convention I’ve asked a couple of people to guest blog for you here on Broke in the Big Smoke. As today called for another Saving Sunday post I asked my lovely friend Charley to give you guys the lowdown on how she saves money on going to gigs in London.

So, you want to save money on live music in London. Have you met my friend Jukely? Let me introduce you.

Jukely is a live music subscription service. It’s a bit like Netflix for gigs. It was started in 2013 and brought over to London early last year. There are 2 types of subscription; solo or +1. Solo subscribers pay £25 a month and get 1 pass to as many shows as they like. Fancy bringing a friend along to each gig? The +1 package is an extra £20 a month and allows you 2 passes to as many shows as you like.


New shows are added every day at 11am and passes are available 3 days in advance, along with a 14 day preview of upcoming shows. You can only get passes for one show at a time, unless you’re on the +1 package in which case you can split them and get one for 2 different shows. Passes are only renewed once you check in at the show, either through their mobile site or app. Failure to check in means you won’t get new ones for 48hrs. You can also cancel any you have up until around 5pm on the day of the show.


 I’ve been a Jukely member for just over a year now and have managed to catch some gigs from artists I’m already familiar with as well as been introduced to some new artists that are now in my list of favourites. I’ve even managed to get passes to some festivals, such as Field Day and V Festival. The ticket prices for these shows can vary, from £5 for one of Meilyr Jones’s first London shows last year, to £75 EACH for 1 day V Festival tickets, but at the end of the month, all I pay is £45 for 2 passes to every show.


Jukely don’t include every show in London, but they do offer passes for shows that cater to all music tastes. Friday & Saturday night’s tend to mainly offer DJs and dance/house acts, with passes giving you access to Ministry of Sound and Fabric most weeks, and considering tickets to these venues are around the £15 mark each, the price of a Jukely subscription is a steal. I’ve seen a bit of everything, from country crooner Ryan Bingham, ska legends The Specials, heavy metallers Testament and even a David Bowie tribute act!

If you feel like you’d like to give Jukely a go, then be sure to use code JUKECE1 for £10 off your first month. Jukely also give you 1 week free trial. If you first sign up to just their emails then you get sent sneak peeks of what passes they have coming up, so then you can time your free trial.

This is a must for any music lover. If you have any questions, feel free to pop them over to me at @captaincharleyy over on Twitter and I’d be happy to answer.

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