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This year I want to take the blog back in a personal finance direction and thought a good way of doing this would be to start a little series on ways to save money. Some of these will be London focused while others will be more general. Hopefully at least one of the topics in this series will catch your eye and help you save a few pennies!

How to Save Money on Magazines

I’ll be honest, I’m not really one for reading magazines any more – I don’t have much space in my current flat and they just seem to take up space and time I don’t have – so when I do buy magazines it tends to be for the free gift that comes with it more than anything else! But if you can’t resist a glossy magazine or two it can get pretty expensive pretty quickly so here are some excellent tips on how to save money on your favourites:

O2 Priority Moments

If like me you’re a once in a blue moon kind of magazine reader, then look into getting O2’s Priority Moments on your mobile (here’s a trick on how to get it even if you’re not with O2 as your mobile provider) as every month you are allowed to download a magazine for free from a small selection. This month I got the special Star Trek: Beyond edition of Empire magazine which I am loving!


If you’re more of a give me all the magazines I need all the gossip I can possibly get type of magazine reader, then check out Readly. It’s basically Netflix for magazines – you pay a £7.99 per month subscription fee and you get access to over 1500 titles including their back issues. With such a huge selection there’s something for everyone and you can even use each subscription on up to 5 devices at a time so it’s great to share with the family.


If you can’t resist a physical copy or you’re really loyal to a particular magazine, then it’s definitely worth signing up for a subscription via iSubscribe. Not only does it save you money in the long run (up to 95% depending on deals available) but you’re guaranteed never to miss an issue AND you get free delivery thrown in too. With over 2500 titles to choose from they’re sure to have your fave! Some of the best deals they have at the moment are 5 issues of Red Magazine for £5, 3 issues of Moneywise for £1 and 5 issues of Men’s/Women’s health for £5 too.


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  1. Also if I m on a budget I don’t like e-readers I prefer read real books and real magazines but I tend to recycle most of old magazines for DIY projects! But I like your tips!

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