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{Guest Post} Traveling Abroad – Tips For Long Train Rides by Wendy Dessler

I’m hoping to start introducing monthly guest posts here on Broke in the Big Smoke – first up Wendy Dessler of The Blog Frog tells us her tips for long train rides. The Blog Frog is an influencer marketing platform that helps businesses find the right influencers to work with. To have your blog listed on their site be sure to sign up – you never know what it might lead to! 

Many people travel abroad for education. People prepare by looking up lists of what they should carry on their travels. This is a great place to begin. But there is much more that you need to know about living abroad. Many people do not live in areas where they travel by train. However, in Europe, it is quite common to travel by train. So let us help you prepare for long train trips so you can enjoy all the wonderful places that are available to you.

Tip 1 – Buy a Euro Pass

Traveling by train is the best way to see the beautiful scenic views in any season. By purchasing a Euro pass you get a 20% discount on the ticket and see much more than with any other means of transportation. The Euro pass allows unlimited access within the time frame you select.

If you are only going to one city, you may save money by purchasing a city to city ticket, but if you plan on traveling to more than one place and if you are a bit flexible with your itinerary, a pass is your best choice.

Tip 2 – Consider night travel

Traveling by train at night is a romantic idea. It is less costly and this is a major attraction for some people. However, when you are trying to sleep in a seat, with your backpack shoved into the seat crack to use as a pillow, you may have second thoughts. Instead, book your night ticket and use the savings to book a sleeper car. Your comfort is valuable.

Tip 3 – Pick up your food at the station

There are foods sold on the train. It is costly, and if you have any food restrictions, you may not be able to find anything you can eat. The best idea is to pick up treats and foods at the station and take it on the train with you. Be considerate of your choices. It is unacceptable to take foods on the train that have strong odors, or foods that are difficult to eat (causing loud eating).

Tip 4 – Keep your passport handy

In most countries in Europe honor the Schengen Agreement. This means passengers can travel across their borders without showing passports. However, all countries do not honor the agreement. This means you will need to show your passport to get into their country, This includes the UK. So, while you will not need it continually, you will need it, so keep it handy.

Tip 5 – Download the app

There are apps for the rails in Europe and they provide up to the minute information. Traveling by train can be confusing. There are trains coming and going 24/7 and sometimes 10 minutes can make a difference between getting on the right train or the wrong one. All the major app stores have the apps you need, so don’t be a rookie. Download the app.

If you take your time and keep an open mind and a good attitude you will discover why Europe is a destination that people return to time and time again.

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