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Love Pop Ups – London

While I’m off to sunning myself on the beautiful Turkey coast I’ve asked a couple of people to guest blog for you here on Broke in the Big Smoke. Today Joanne Mortock from Love Pop Ups – London is here to tell you all about her love of pop ups and the great little community she runs on Facebook.

‘Love Pop Ups – London’ was set up to publicise freely and for fun about new popped up temporary or permanent new restaurants, bars, events, unique places, immersive theatre etc. that are coming to London.  However more importantly it was set up for passionate bloggers / reviewers all to be part of a community and to be able to offer them promotional / press opportunities in return for blogs / reviews for clients giving each party exposure.  I have given out so many opportunities from Backyard Cinema to Pitch Black.  Since setting up ‘Love Pop Ups – London’ back in January it has been growing in strength each day.

Before I even set up ‘Love Pop Ups – London’ I have always had a passion for new places that have popped up in London with there has being some fantastic ones from the pop up ‘Magnum’ ice-cream eatery to an immersive theatre production of ‘Goosebumps’.   My top three though over the last few years have to be:-

‘Secret Cinema: Star Wars event’ – This was most definitely one of the best I have ever been to with Stormtroopers marching around to aliens dancing on the dance floor.  There was so much to see, do and get involved with I really felt like I was part of a Star Wars movie.

‘Bompas and Parr: Beyond the Waterfall’ pop up event – This was certainly a cocktail bar with a difference so unique especially when you start off by rowing a boat through alcoholic mist to get to the bar in which you are then greeted by three mermen.

‘ABQ’ – This establishment popped up last year and is still up and running. If you love the series ‘Breaking Bad’ and you love cocktails with a difference then you will love this. I highly recommend going along as there is no other cocktail making experience like this in London. You make cocktails with dry ice, syringes etc. whilst in an RV.  There is even a drink you can make with breakfast cereal.  Highly recommend one not to be missed whilst around.

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