Cinderella Exhibition, Leicester Square

Everybody loves a fairytale and nobody tells them better than Disney, so when it was announced that there would be an exhibition in Leicester Square dedicated to the upcoming live action movie I just knew I had to pop along.


Just a word of warning, there are spoilers for the entire exhibit in this post so if you’re planning on going there yourself please don’t read any further! It’s there until the 10th April and tickets are free.


Instead of our usual weekly cinema date Jen and I headed to the exhibition last Thursday evening. I had booked out tickets online for the 6pm slot and was really surprised at the number of people queueing both with pre-booked tickets and those just hoping to get in on the day.

The exhibition is separated into different sections and there is a member of staff positioned in each to provide you with a little bit of information about what each holds. The first room is dedicated to Cinderella memorabilia and sketches/illustrations from the original movie. Including the first ever printed Cinderella comic book and one of the first Cinderella Dress-Up Kits in a box made entirely from paper.

Turning the corner you enter the entrance hall of Cinder’s house where the costumes worn by the evil step mother and step sisters at the start of the movie are housed. The attention to detail in these is incredible (the flowers on the sister’s dresses were all hand painted!) and as a cosplayer I found this incredibly fascinating taking way more pictures than anyone else. In fact we pretty much ended up as a group of two as we entered the next section; the cellar while everyone else had charged ahead.


Here you see Cinderella’s work dress which is incredibly beautiful for something she wore simply to cook and clean in! The fabric was light and airy and I could just imagine her dancing around the kitchen swishing her dress as she went.


We then get to see two of the fairy godmothers outfits; the original one where she is pretending to be an old hag woman and the striking glittering fairy dress. The work that’s gone into both of these is incredible, Jen even noticed that the staff she uses as the old hag has the same shape to it as her magic wand. Talk about attention to detail!

We then encountered some real life magic and as we walked through an extremely large pumpkin it transformed into a glittering gold carriage. It looked like we would indeed be going to the ball after all and in the final costume room that’s exactly where we found ourselves.

DSC00500 DSC00501

Foreign representatives in traditional but beautiful dress.


Men in full uniform.

Even those ugly sisters dresses captivated me.

But of course centre of attention is Cinderella in her stunning blue ball gown glittering with Swarovski crystals (over 1.7 million were used throughout the course of the movie) dancing with her prince.


As captivating as she was though I couldn’t help but be distracted by this beauty;


Yes that is a real life solid diamond shoe! Each weighs in at over a kilogram and while they were made for the film they were too precious to actually be worn and instead were only used for the now famous shoe fitting scenes.

Thanks to the wonder of technology I was able to try the shoe on myself and I’m happy to say that it totally fit!

IMG_0392 IMG_0391

I definitely recommend going to see this exhibition if you can and also suggest that you book your slot in advance if you can (it doesn’t cost anything) so that you don’t end up waiting out in horrible weather trying to get in. It’s made me super excited to finally see the movie this Thursday!

P.S. If you want to see even more pictures from the exhibition I have a whole album dedicated to the exhibition on my cosplay Facebook page!

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