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Most of the museums in London have one evening per week where they open late and a Tuesday evening is the British Library’s so when I was looking for something to do with Matt and his mum after work this popped in to my head. I’d never been to the Library before and have always wanted to have a look around but still haven’t quite managed as we were sidetracked by the amazing Comics Unmasked exhibition instead. IMG_5427

I’m not normally a fan of paid exhibitions within free museums as they always seem quite expensive but I understand why they do them as it helps raise additional funds in order to obtain and maintain a wide variety of objects. This exhibition however is only £9.50 which I think is incredibly reasonable for the depth of detail it goes in to and 16-18 years olds get access absolutely free.


I’d describe Comics Unmasked as an exhibition about comics through history as opposed to a history of comic books. Each section has its own story to tell from violence to sexuality, drug-taking to politics and is a fascinating insight to the impact a simple thing like comic strips have made on shaping the world around us. There are pieces of work from some of the most famous of artists to many lesser known ones as well and the examples stretch back as far as Victorian ages including the worlds oldest erotic literature.

There’s plenty to see and enough variety to keep those who may not think comics are their kind of thing entertained while the comic book fans can really get their teeth sunk in to the nitty-gritty detail.

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