House of MinaLima

So one of my favourite places in London is due to close shortly and I realised I hadn’t event blogged about it. It’s my favourite for two reasons:

  1. it’s Harry Potter related and
  2. it’s completely free!

Let me introduce you to the House of MinaLima.

This fantastically wonderful old building just minutes from the palace theatre where Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is currently being staged is home to a truly magical exhibition by some of the graphic designers who worked on the Harry Potter film series.

Inside you’ll find three floors jam packed with those tiny details from the movies that you always wished you could take a closer look at along with some other stunning pieces that you probably didn’t even realise were there!

My absolutely favourite section was the area dedicated to the Weasley twins joke shop; Weasley’s wizard wheezes. These designs are just so colourful and fun they really grab your attention.

They recently added some graphic art from the latest film in the Harry Potter franchise: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and although I haven’t got around to it yet I’m looking forward to checking it out before they close.

The ground floor even houses a shop where you can buy limited edition prints of some of the artwork on display as well as posters, stationary and, of course, books! If you’re a fan of the series you really should check it out and even if you’re not, hey it’s free!

The House of MinaLima is open daily from 12 noon til 7pm until the 4th February 2017.

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