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When John our tour guide on the cupcake and macaron tour had mentioned that his company was going to start doing street art tours of Shoreditch I knew this was something I would like to take part in and in fact I was sent a half price voucher by Great British Tours to use on it not long after. Sadly though, the voucher was more a 241 rather than 50% off as you could only book for a minimum of two people on the site. Then vouchers kept popping up on various deal sites but I was too busy to attend until last week when I finally had a free opening in my schedule which luckily coincided with an offer on Groupon so it cost me just £9! I arrived at Shoreditch High Street about 2:45pm and there were quite a few people already milling about and I was extremely pleased when it turned out that John was to be our guide on this tour as well.


Once it hit 3pm we set off, about 30 of us in total which personally I thought was a bit much) but I was soon reminded of how great a tour guide John is. Loud, clear and articulate (with that lovely little twang from home as well <3) he was able to provide us with some interesting facts on the local area (just as he had done on the previous tour) as well as being deeply knowledgable about the pieces he was showing us and many others that people had queries about.

We discovered ROA, the only street artist to have his work protected in London.


Stik, who gets his political points across using stick figures.


Frenchman C215 who’s name comes from the cell he was in whilst in prison.


Space Invader, who’s works across London have always piqued my interest whenever I’ve spotted them.


And even a couple of Banksy’s, probably the best known street artist in the UK.


The thing about street art is that it’s fleeting. One day there’s a blank wall, the next a marvellous piece of artwork then a few days later it’s been replaced by another artists musings. It’s sad in some ways but it has also made me more aware of my surroundings. London is full of beautiful art, we only need to look up, down and around us a little bit more!

The regular price for the tour is £20 which is actually quite reasonable for the knowledge you gain from the guide and the standard of artwork that you see given that there’s so much around you could potentially miss a lot of the good stuff if you just went for a wander on your own but there are very often on various deal sites so be sure to take a look around before booking to get the best value for money! The tours running Thursday through Saturday afternoons regardless of the weather and last about two and a half hours.

I took way too many pictures to add them all to this post so I’ve scheduled a Wordless Wednesday feature for some of the pieces that didn’t make the cut for later this week or you can check out the whole lot over on my Facebook Page.

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