Murder on Primrose Hill

Two years ago (I didn’t realise it had been so long until I started writing this post!) I won a Treasure Trail of my choice on my friend Karen’s blog Tiny Bird Heart. Given that I had never been, I chose the Primrose Hill Murder Mystery Themed trail and vowed to try it on a nice sunny day. Well that day finally arrived when my friend Rob came to town for the day!


Treasure Trails are self-guided walks around a particular area with clues to solve along the way. Given that ours was a murder mystery these clues allowed us to disregard certain suspects and murder weapons until we were left with one of each. The trail was meant to take around two and a quarter hours and we had a brunch booking at 2.30pm so we headed for Camden Town station arriving around 11am.


In the end it took us three hours to complete the trail, partly because we went the wrong way in the beginning and partly because some of the clues were no longer current (my fault for waiting so long between getting the damn thing and doing it) and there were a few that were painfully obvious as soon as we discovered the answer – it’s funny how you’re more likely to look up when looking for something than down at your feet.


Interestingly very little of the trail actually took place on Primrose Hill but I did get to see some of those spectacular views people are always talking about! The trail looped back to the station which was great as we were able to hop on a bus to central from there.


We had great fun figuring out the clues and it would be a lovely day out with little ones too (although maybe try to pick a not so busy area of London) and at just £6.99 per trail it’s a really cheap activity for a couple of hours entertainment. It’s a shame that the download is the same price as having a trail delivered though as I think some sort of discount should be offered given the saving on postage etc but I would definitely consider one of these again and have my eye on one of the treasure hunt themed trails!

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