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Bardou, Covent Garden

Our company has recently been 100% bought over by another and so we were invited along to our new parent companies Christmas do which was held at the Tower of London. I knew I should probably make a bit of an effort and try to make a bit of an effort for such a swanky location. I decided to treat myself to a blow dry and so turned to trust Wahanda to look for somewhere close by and more importantly affordable. I came across Bardou which had an offer for 50% off blow dries, perfect!


What I didn’t realise was that Bardou had only opened the very same day as my appointment and I was their second customer in these premises! The salon is simply gorgeous. I wish I had taken some pictures but I had left my phone charging in the office but its spacious and well laid out with high ceilings, chandeliers, plush fabrics and fresh flowers. I was even greeted by a man in a suit!

BUT the look of the salon isn’t what’s important (although a nice environment does of course help you to relax) it’s the service and it completely lived up to the expectations the luxurious surroundings implied I should expect. I can’t remember the lovely hairdressers name but she was really great, chatting away and asking me what sort of style I was looking for. She has a similar hair type to myself so knew what a pain it can be for it to keep any kind of style and gave me some really great tips that I’ll be putting in to practice. By the end of it somehow she had me looking like this:

Bardou Blowdry

It’s OK, you can wolf whistle. I would be if I could, ha! I loved it so much that I’ve made this my profile picture absolutely everywhere I can on the internet lol.

I can’t recommend Bardou enough. Their location is so damn handy and central, the service outstanding and at half price an absolute bargain! I’ll definitely be returning when I have the need to treat myself again.

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